Payment Methods

Whenever you use our services, it will be according to the rules and regulations. The payment will be according to the payment plan of the order which is accessible through our website. The buyer, user, or the customer will pay before the start of the service or order and unless otherwise advertised all payment will be paid in full. All prices that have been settled before the start of a project are final. 

Mainly, these methods include:

  1. PayPal
  2. Visa/Master – Credit Cards
  3. American Express – Credit Cards
  4. Discover – Credit Cards
  5. Apple Pay
  6. Google Pay

Disclaimer of Liability

While availing any of the payment methods offered by us, we are not responsible or take no liability of whatsoever nature in respect of any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly to you including but not limited to the following :

  1. Lack of authorization for any transactions since all payments will be processed through either PayPal or specific payment gateways implemented by Visa, Master, American Express, or Discover.
  2. Exceeding the preset limit mutually agreed upon by you and between your banks.
  3. Any payment issues arising out of the transaction.
  4. The decline of transactions for any other reasons.


You can further know about our Payment Policy by contacting us at

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